This page is dedicated "In Memory" of those members of Calf Creek United Baptist Church who are resting from their labors, waiting for the second coming of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. 

     Please visit our "Photo Album" page to view photos of those who have passed away, we currently do not have a picture of everyone on this list, however it is our desire to make an effort to locate on. Check back often as we will continue to research those who have passed away and add them to this section of the site.


James Baldwin

Juanita Bowen
Diana Bowen

Martha Copley

Helen Crum

Evelyn Crum

James C. Crum

Martin Crum

McKinley Crum

Willie Dingess

Larry Dean Endicott

Mint Endicott

Walter Endicott

Nolda Fraley

Clayton Gadbery

Edith Hackney

Delmer Hammonds

James Hanner

Florence Harmon

Aileen Hinkle
Howard "Dick" Hinkle

Kathleen "Kitty" Hinkle

Lonnie Hinkle

Rachael Hinkle

Elsie Horn

Harvey Horn

Julie Jordan

Henry B. Marcum

Alex Maynard

Debbie Joe Pack

Wilford Proter

Willard Porter

Bobby J. Preston

Birdie Lee Smith

Frances "Frankie" Maynard

Ervin Maynard