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This group of youngsters also did a terrific job! We are proud of them and hope to see them back for Sunday school and for VBS next year!

Kids worked really hard and had lots of fun! They did a wonderful job all week!

Teens did a great job and set a good example for our younger kids. We are very proud of them all.

Kids had a great time learning this and performed it wonderfully!

Bethel United Baptist Church is a Sister church in Old Zion Association.

A useful and resourceful tool for bible study.

Buck Branch United Baptist Church is a Sister Church in Old Zion Association.

Shepherds Land Christian web site hosting is highly recommended by our church. I suggest choosing the $24.95 per month package.

Union United Baptist Church

Zion United Baptist Church is the church our Pastor, Elder Maurice Mills was save at, the place where he and his wife were married, here he was called into the ministry set forth and ordained to preach the Gospel. He later became Assistant Pastor of the church before being called of God to Pastor Calf Creek United Baptist Church.